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    First Post to test the Forum

    We are Mike & Carol and have Najad 380 No 60 “Falken” we are based in Wicormarine in Portsmouth and Falken is our 5th boat. we sail the South Coat of UK, North Coast of France and the Channel Islands and now that we are retired we are planning further trips away and this year managed to get as far west as the Isles of Scilly,  in 2022 we hope to spend time in South Brittany


    Hi all,

    We are Marit (35), Jelle (42) and Stewie ( the stafford 😉 ) and we just bought a Najad 361. This is our second sailing yacht and we are super stoked to go sailing again after 3 years.

    We will first sail in the Netherlands, where we live. Mostly on the IJsselmeer. But in the future we’ll go back to Sweden but this time the east side and we want to go south to Spain.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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