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The beginning of Najad, in 1970, Torwald Karlsson and I called Olle Enderlein who said: “Of course I will draw you a fine boat, how big should it be?” – “Around 10 meters” we said, and he made an outline proposal that we extended, expanded and changed. After all, one wants to have as much volume as possible in a boat, a little too much sometimes. In the end, we settled upon a design that was 10.30m long and 3.10m wide.

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The smallest Najad boat was the Najad 320. She is 32 feet in length but as spacious as most 34 footers. She is a genuine Najad throughout. From the long keel giving the best smooth sailing characteristics to the safe and beautiful teak laid decks and the rich satin-finished mahogany down below. The Najad 320 has been designed for extended cruising.

The Najad 320 will help you fulfil your happiest dreams.

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The basic difference relating to the interior of a Najad compared to other yachts is the well designed and proven layout. Considerable attention to detail and finish of the woodwork is paid. A yacht which you are going to use as your home and that will work well and suit your requirements must allow you the choice of customization. This requires a good basic layout.

The berths must be both comfortable and in pleasing surroundings. Would you like a cosy atmosphere in which to welcome friends? The Najad 330 fulfils this requirement.

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In the Najad 331 Najad have created a yacht with excellent sailing performance without compromising any of the traditional Najad qualities. The Najad 331 is not only impressive to sail, it has a well-designed layout, featuring two large cabins, in the bow and aft, enabling four people to live comfortable on board. The outstanding precision and high quality of finish is typical of the Najad yard which has 25 years of knowledge and experience.

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On the outside the Najad 332 features the new style with the thin side stripe and double waterlines, giving the impression of a lower freeboard, accentuating her shear lines and giving prominence to her raised bow, with fine entry. Despite the potential constraints of her LOA, the 332’s cockpit is provisioned to accept wheel or tiller steering equally well, this space benefits from excellent weather protection from the stylish windshield on top of the coach roof, being a signature feature of Najad.

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Najad 340 is built for long and pleasant stays both in port and at sea. The stable and modern hull with its elegant lines makes the Najad 340 excellent in light winds and provides it with incredible safety even in bad weather.

The area below deck is spacious and gives maximum comfort. Hand polished mahogany and outstanding craftsmanship gives the Najad a classic good look and provides it with high quality.

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The Najad 343 is just as safe and secure to sail in the open sea as she is to handle among jetties, boats and skerries. At sea it’s her long keel that gives her calm and gentle manners. In port it’s her separate skeg and rudder that make her simple and handy to turn and manoeuvre.

Welcome below deck! Step down the broad companionway into a spacious and airy saloon that you’d only expect to find on much larger boats.

Note the first-class workmanship as you inspect the fittings. Enjoy the rounded, smooth surfaces that have been formed by skilled hands. Let your eyes rest on the satin-smooth finish of the dark-red mahogany woodwork. Try out the sofa seat cushions covered in beautiful, hardwearing plush.

This is a home to be proud of.

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The Najad 355 – Sailing performance beyond what you might expect from a safe and comfortable cruising yacht.
Some facts:
The strong well-dimensioned hull is designed to offer first-class sailing without encroaching on interior space or Najad’s state of the art safety.

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Thoughtful use of space and excellent facilities are two things that characterise Najad 360.

In every detail, you feel the expertise behind this craftsmanship and there’s no coincidence that Najad 360 is one of the most popular in its class.

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We have improved the sailing performance of the Najad 361 without compromising the comfort and safety for long-distance cruise. The yacht now has a greater waterline together with a longer overhang at the stern, the top and lower shrouds are moved inboard narrowing the sheeting angel enabling the yacht to sail closer to the wind. The Najad 361 has a completely new underwater configuration.

Now fitted with a bolt-on lead keel and a semi-balanced rudder designed with NACA wing sections thus ensuring that there is an optimum water passage passing the hull and improving the efficiency of the steering. A small wing at the bottom of the keel reduces the water flow beneath the keel which result in less drag.

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With a Najad 370 you can fulfil your longing for freedom and dreams of long-distance cruising becomes a reality. The Najad 370 is the yacht that has been designed after many miles of experience and allowa considerable possibilities for the purchaser to incorporate a personal touch. The Najad 370 is a true long-distance cruiser from Najad- varvet on Orust in Sweden.

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Najad 371 is designed for long cruises and long periods at sea, and of course to go just over the day.

That ́s why she has three superb cabins with space enough to move dress and store personal claims, and with doors to close when privacy is sought in the mist of company.

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The Najad 373 is a very desirable yacht, good enough to excite the jaded palate of the most experienced boat tester. She will turn heads wherever she sails, and cries out for an owner who will put her to hard use, whether it be local cruising or crossing oceans, and is able to spend time cherishing her fine finish and practical design.

Despite the fact that she is much better performer than past Najads, she is not the quickest boat afloat – which just means you spend more time at sea enjoying her good points: comfortable sea berths, secure galley, soft ride and light steering, among others.

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Traditional values contemporary performance.

One of our most successful yacht designs ever – the Najad 380 is not only a well proportioned and beautiful looking yacht, but offers true ocean-going performance.

Built using vacuum infusion, for a strong and ‘stiff’ hull, while two large double-berth cabins, a spacious saloon and fully equipped linear galley make life onboard extremely comfortable.

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N380 Aphrodite

For many years, cruiser design has taken its inspiration from racing. This caused us to think ”Why not take a completely different tack?”

That is, build new yachts that evoke the aesthetic of yesteryear but that take full advantage of modern-day technology.

Which is exactly what we did. We created a completely new range of Aphrodite yachts, for people who appreciate classic beauty and are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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Najad 390 is a boat for long trips and long periods at sea and in port. She is fast and stiff, and has a cockpit that provides protection and security even when the weather is against. She has room for many guests, but is still easy to handle and take care when you’re only two. She is built for the open seas, with a long keel safe, yet manoeuvrable enough for the solitary nature of the port still be accessible.

She has a large flat deck with non-slip teak. Below deck, she is a warm and exclusive residence for people who want to live and stay with comfort and convenience, even at sea.

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We pay a lot of attention to the interior layout of our yachts because we feel that it must be practical at sea as well as comfortable in the harbour. To achieve this, Najad have utilised the space to provide ample storage and a safe working environment which well suit both long-distance and weekend sailors.

The style and finish of the mahogany interior is very special and gives the boat a natural feeling of quality.

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The new N400 model will offer a generous aft cabin and full standing height in the walkway aft as well as in the galley. It will also give the possibility of double aft cabins as well as for a second heads compartment with shower in the forepeak. Depending on each owner’s preferences the yacht interior is semi-customised between all options offered.

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Mid-range cruising style.

Inheriting the same Najad family genes from more recent new launches, the new Najad 405 is a natural development of the outgoing N400. The rig is taller, in line with the overall enhanced performance and sportier characteristics now set in space across all of Najad ́s newest model range. The balanced spade rudder will have no skeq and offer a light feeling to the helm, making for easier tacking and less stressful close quarter manoeuvres.

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At Najad, when we create a new yacht, we don’t take shortcuts. The new Najad 410 has been developed in several steps over a few years, as she evolved into the yacht we are presenting on the following pages.

The Najad 410 is based on our experiences from some of Najad’s most successful recent models. Her predecessor, the Najad 405, was a success when she broke the Scandinavian traditionalism with her fast-sailing, manoeuvrable hull developed by judel/vrolijk & co and her light, modern interior, designed by Rhoades Young Designs.

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The Najad 411 is iconic to Najad. With its modern yet well-composed lines, she stands out in the Najad family. With a spacious amidships cockpit, well-adapted rounded windscreen and an overall larger appearance profile than some of our other boats, the Najad 411 has exactly the same qualities in terms of comfort, safety and performance that customers can expect from all Najad boats Elongated flush-mounted windows along the side reinforce the long, elegant appearance and, with its well-balanced hull and excellent sailing qualities, we believe that the Najad 411’s performance is every bit as good as her looks.

Inside, the layout is spacious with good-sized double cabins fore and aft and a longitudinal galley with plenty of room for cooking. The tables and saloon are easily accessible.

The Najad 411 is not only a beauty queen, she is also a very capable cruiser for the modern sailor.

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If your desire is to cruise anywhere and to use a yacht as your home the Najad 420 is the ultimate choice. She is safe and comfortable with a good sailing performance.

These are the conclusions of more than 1000 yachtsmen who are now Najad owners. Najad 420 is a true long-distance cruiser from the Najad- varvet on Orust in Sweden.

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Najad 440 is a fast cruiser for sailors with high standard and high conditions in comfort both at sea and in harbour.

The hull is slim, and this makes her fast even in low wind conditions. At the same time, this is a boat for everyone, from a small crew to a big family.

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Sharing the same hull and underwater appendages as her Centre Cockpit sister, the Najad 440 Aft-Cockpit is a very attractive looking yacht and is generally regarded as the more ‘sporty’ version of the two. For an enthusiastic crew, the most visually striking aspect is likely to be the large ‘Mediterranean-style’ cockpit with twin helm stations. With this much space available, the cockpit is also a very sociable place to entertain family and friends when either underway or when lying to anchor in a quiet bay.

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The contemporary hull shape offers fine performance matched with unrivalled comfort and space. The epitome of a Najad.

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One of the immediately striking characteristics of the Najad 441 is the large, flush teak deck, which gives the yacht its classic lines and also makes it easy and safe to work on the yacht. The cockpit is spacious and is protected by a fixed, toughened glass windscreen which is further enhanced by sprayhood that folds flat when not in use.

The hull has been completely redesigned and the addition of the NACA winged keel and a semi-balanced rudder provides enchanted sailing performance.

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The Najad 460 is available with an amidships cockpit and is therefore the ultimate cruiser. The 460 is undoubtedly a stylish and powerful world cruiser in every respect. The cockpit is superbly protected thanks to the windscreen made from tempered glass set in stainless steel frames.

With slightly more interior volume than the 440 CC there are different options available to allow you, as the owner, to specify the ideal yacht for your needs.

There are several interior design options available for the Najad 460. One option provides up to 6 berths, consisting of a large owners’ cabin at the aft and a further two cabins in the forepart of the boat: one double and one with bunks. The fore and aft cabins have separate toilet and shower areas.

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N460 Aphrodite

The legacy from the legendary yachts built on the Swedish island of Orust is plain to see. The hull’s soft sweeping forms are a pleasure to the eye. A deck of teak is just as obvious a choice as a super-structure of mahogany. Old-fashioned fresh air vents and a wooden steering wheel are details that make for an attractive overall look. A solid construction in every respect ensures a smooth and stable passage through the water. Rig and hardware are first rate.

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Designing a sailing yacht, capable of sailing all over the world and at the same time being comfortable and safe for the crew, requires a great experience of long distance cruising yachts. The result is the Najad 490. A 49 foot sailing yacht with a powerful, extremely seaworthy hull of modern design.

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According to the ancient Greek mythology, a Najad was a divine female creature that seduced men and women into the water. Today Najads still ensnare the hearts of sailors.

“A perfect fast ocean cruiser, with a light feeling on the helm, beautiful outside, fantastic inside: how can you not fall in love with her?” (Yachting World).

As you can see, times change, but some things stay the same.

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N511 Aphrodite

Down in the cabin you’ll find quality craftsmanship, executed with extreme attention to detail. A classically designed mahogany interior. Cosy but light, with unsurpassed comfort. Lighting fittings and hardware of brass have just the right feel. Dimensions are generous and the layout is particularly well considered. It’s a place where you’ll be happy to spend time.

Aphrodite are yachts for a small and exclusive set of sailors, a select group of boat lovers who value tradition and history.

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Designing a sailing yacht, capable of sailing all over the world and at the same time being comfortable and safe for the crew, requires a great experience of long-distance cruising yachts.

The result is Najad 520. A 52 foot sailing yacht with a powerful, extremely seaworthy hull of modern design and with an IMS rating of 611.

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N520 Deck Saloon

The size and the volume on the Najad 520 allow a very flexible resolution. To increase flexibility and to get more out of the interior of the hull, we created Najad 520 Deck Saloon.

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