Reply To: Stay Sail


Hi Gio, Thanks for responding. I sailed with a Solent rig in the past. To tack, one must furl in the Genoa and tack, then furl out the genoa on the opposite side. Since I am planning long passages there will be no short tacking, thus I Don’t mind the Solent rig.

The second headsail will be extremely helpful on downwind legs. Also much easier and more efficient in heavier winds than roller furling the genoa as a reef. I can roll out the stay sail instead.

My genoa ( 150% ) is rigged on a Furlex roller furling.

Have a look at Jeanne Socrates set up on her Najad 380. She has single-handed around the globe several times. I would like this rig. I know it will be expensive.

Could you explain to me how to rig an emergency storm jib on a standard Najad Sloop rig.

Very best.