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    Hi all,

    We experience some water leakage on some portlights around the boat and plan to exchange all of them.

    Does anyone has experience doing this on the 371 or similar models from the early 80ths? Any recommendations?

    Greetings from Norway.

    Cheers, Robert


    Hi Robert,

    I just bought the 371, Hull 30 in Norway and sailed her to the Flensburg area.  We are still “tight and dry” around the portlights. Have your found a solution for the problem? Do you know where to buy spare portlights? I plan to exchange all hatches. The former owner has already done quite extensive technical upgrading, but also redesigned parts of the cabin.






    Hi I have bought a N343 from 83.

    We changed the rubber/foam strip around the edge. The old were compressed over time.

    We found a gasket strip in the right size, and with a few meters of that, all portlights are watertight as new. Now I can wait and change the portlights when they get too much UV damage 🙂

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    Hi Chris371,

    Welcome in the 371-club!

    We have replaced all portlights last year. Contacting Najad and received the information that HR replacement portlights come closest. Najad does not offer any replacements and do not work with the old supplier from US anymore.

    The new portlights have been installed and work great. Small trouble: they have not exactly the same size. The new portlights are slightly smaller at the corners. So we had to use some filler creating the perfect cutout size again. That just 2-5mm. But it’s important to ensure the full compression of the gasket strip. Still it was more time consuming then planned but works well.

    Please let me know if you have more questions.

    Best regards,


    See below picture from the outside indicating the small difference:

    new portlight outside


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