Reply To: Stay Sail


Hey Mike, the only experience I have with a solent rig was pretty awful.  It was on a boat that is made by a very reputable company, that rhymes with Marcia.  Totally silly setup.  A solent setup puts the aft forestay too close to the forward sail to tack without 3 people on deck to pull your sail around the forestay.

My first question would be why do you think you need a second headsail?

My second question would be, what are you currently using for a headsail and how is that one rigged?

Reinforcement of the foredeck will come after you decide whether to put another sail on and where you will anchor the stay.

Honestly, save yourself $ and a headache, you can get away with a single headsail with an emergency storm jib if necessary (lots of ways to rig them).  Putting an additional stay and halyard and backing plate and…. and… and….. doesn’t make sense unless you have a specific problem with the current sail configuration.